Junekey Jeon’s personal website

I am a graduate student of the Department of Mathematics in the University of California San Diego, under the advisement of Prof. Andrej Zlatoš. My CV is available here.

Academic interests

I am mainly working on fluid dynamics, currently on singularity formation problem for incompressible Euler equation, generalized SQG equations and related problems. I also have broad interests in mathematics, especially in PDE, differential geometry, functional analysis and measure theory (maybe also algebra and number theory to some extent).


  • Besides math, I enjoy reading things from physics, computer science and electrical engineering for fun.
  • Programming is another thing that I do for fun, with C++ as my primary language. I developed a fast floating-point-to-string conversion algorithm which I call Dragonbox.
  • Music and musical instruments are also things I’m very enthusiastic about. I was a member of a school band when I was an undergrad, and I used to play many instruments such as guitar, piano and drums. I also occasionally write songs.